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Inverness Club

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Course Layout. Notice the awkward routing on holes 4, 5, and 6.
#1 - Right off the bat, Donald Ross gives you a taste of the valley that will dominate your day
#2 - A lack of elevation change here is made up for with strategic fairway bunkering and one of the more interesting greens on the course
#3 - The first of the Fazio holes
#4 - This was one of my favorites. This is a view from one of the more forward tees. The hole looks much longer from the tips.
#4 - "The Love Canal"
#4 - This view gives a little perspective on the sheer depth of the valleys at Inverness
#5 - The tee shot on the difficult Fazio par 4
#5 - Here you get an idea of how closely the creek hugs the green on this long par 4
#6 - The second Fazio par 3. A difficult hole? Yes. An overly interesting hole? No.
#7 - Brutally difficult tee shot on my favorite hole at Inverness.
#7 - The uphill approach. This hole was super hard, and maybe a little unfair, but I loved it.
#8 - This is the only halfway decent shot I got of one of the two par 5s on the course. A shame, cause this was actually a pretty interesting hole. Definitely the best of the Fazio holes.
#9 - Another shot taken from a forward tee. The tips on this par 4 are WELL back from the men's tee.
#9 - Another green that is much more interesting than it looks from the fairway
#10 - This is one of the smallest greens on the course (which is saying a lot, believe me), but still has a sizable ridge running through it. The back edges of this green also fall off sharply to a very narrow ditch.
#12 - An original Ross par 3. This green is very tough and, as you can see, well bunkered.
#13 - A shot from the tee shot landing area. I'm standing on fairway that drops off steeply in all directions but backward. Fall right and you're in great shape. Fall left and you're in thick rough with a hill right in front of you.
#13 - See me golf ball in the fairway? See the very top of the flagstick? Cause I couldn't see the flagstick from my golf ball. I also couldn't see that my approach apparently lipped out. One of the two birdies of the day.
#15 - A look back on one of the most shallow greens on the course - just 22 yards front to back.
#17 - One of the better views to a green at Inverness
#18 - A forward tee shot on one of the rare short-ish par 4s
#18 - The extremely severe green at the finishing hole is one of the most protected on the course. Doesn't stop a guy like Bob Tway from holing out from the greenside bunker on the right. The pin location in 1986 was just left of the one seen here.
#18 - "Death Valley." Note the slope of the green - straight away from a would-be flop shot artist.

4601 Dorr Street

Toledo, Ohio

Course Style: Parkland

Designed by Donald Ross in 1919

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Dave has played Inverness Club

Tee Yardage Par Rating Slope

#56 on 2011 Golf Digest's America's 100 Greatest Courses
#40 on 2009 Golf Magazine's Top 100 Courses in the U.S.
#41 on 2011 Golf Magazine's Top 100 Courses in the U.S.

Notable Tournaments Hosted

U.S. Open (1920, 1931, 1957, 1979, )

1920 - Ted Ray
1931 - Billy Burke
1957 - Dick Mayer
1979 - Hale Irwin

PGA Championship (1986, 1993, )

1986 - Bob Tway
1993 - Paul Azinger

U.S. Amateur (1973, )

1973 - Craig Stadler

2 Play the Tips Rankings

  • Shot Playability: 9.00
  • Short Game Playability: 8.50
  • Fairness: 6.00
  • Experience: 8.00
  • Aura: 10.00
  • OMG Factor: 9.00
  • Design: 8.50
  • Total: 8.43
  • Ass-Kick Factor: 9.00


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