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World Woods Golf Club (Pine Barrens)

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The practice facilities at World Woods are pretty much second to none, here you see the gigantic putting course, but they also have a 360 degree range, and iron range, and a 3 hole practice course.
#1 - This approach is a mid to long iron to a small target that's guarded by a deep bunker on the right.
#2 - Hit a good tee shot here on this monster par 4.
#2 - The approach shot needs to be accurate as this green pitches hard from right to left.
#3 - This hole reminded us of 16 at Augusta... water left, green pitching from right to left. This is one of the best looking holes on the course.
#4 - Another scenic hole. Don't miss this drive to the right or you're in big trouble. A good drive here can give you a chance at getting home in two.
#5 - A good par 4 that requires some thought off the tee. A driver down the right hand side gives you the best angle into the green but the fairway gets much narrower in your landing zone.
#5 - This elevated green requires a well struck approach in order to get to pin high. the slightest miscalculation or mishit will leave you struggling to make par.
#7 - This is a good par 3 with a really tricky green.
#8 - Oneof the best holes on the course... hit a power fade off the tee and get ready to hit a great approach.
#8 - We loved how this green was surrounded by the waste area. This approach is visually interesting, intimidating, and fun. This is probably the best green site on the course.
#9 - If you hit this fairway, you've got a short iron in your hand but this green is no easy target to hit.
#10 - A long par three with a green that slants hard from back to front. This green is slanted like this so that it can slow the momentum of a ball struck by a hybrid or fairway wood.
#11 - A demanding par 4 four both the drive and the approach need to be near perfect to hit this green in regulation.
#11 - Hit a solid mid / long iron, 2 putt, and take your par every time here.
#12 - The tee shot to the most difficult, most unfair hole on the course. hit it straight and you still might not get home in two.
#12 - we each hit good drives and had about 240 left into the wind, up the hill, all carry over the bunker...
#12 - ... then navigate this wildly undulating green. 12 is just a bad hole.
#13 - This hole moves hard to the right at about 260 yards off the tee.
#14 - This turtle shell shaped green is one of the more difficult ones at World Woods.
#15 - We weren't a fan of the second shot on this par 5. There's basically no room to lay up so pull out your 3 wood and hit it over the waste bunker that divides the fairway.
#15 - You can really hit it close on this hole if you use the slope of the green to your advantage.
#16 - We weren't fans of the short par 4 either. if you laid up off the tee, this was the angle you had... no reward for hitting a smart shot.
#16 - Another long iron or hybrid length par 3. It's one of the better looking par threes on the course.
#17 - this medium length par 4 also has a green complex which also runs along the waste bunkers.
#18 - The tee shot on the last hole requires a hard draw. You've really got to hit this one or else you want make the corner of this dogleg left.
#18 - 18 offers a good approach shot but we didn't feel it was anything overly special.

17590 Ponce De Leon Boulevard

Brooksville, Florida

Course Style: Just Different

Designed by Tom Fazio in 1993

World Woods Golf Club (Pine Barrens) Homepage

Jason and Dave have both played World Woods Golf Club (Pine Barrens)

Tee Yardage Par Rating Slope

#55 on 2011 Golf Digest's America's 100 Greatest Public Golf Courses
#74 on 2009 Golf Magazine's Top 100 Courses in the U.S.
#18 on 2010 Golf Magazine's Top 100 Courses You Can Play

2 Play the Tips Rankings

  • Shot Playability: 6.50
  • Short Game Playability: 7.00
  • Fairness: 6.00
  • Experience: 6.70
  • Aura: 7.00
  • OMG Factor: 7.00
  • Design: 7.50
  • Total: 6.81
  • Ass-Kick Factor: 7.00