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Posted by Dave on Tuesday, March 13, 2012

I guess they're real people, too


One of the cool things about living and working in Palm Beach Gardens, FL is running in to PGA Tour players on a fairly regular basis.  I saw Tiger yesterday at the mall, walking pretty gingerly but looking healthy.  No leg brace, no walking boot or anything.  When I came home, Jason told me that he announced that he got good news from the doctor that it was only an achilles strain and he'd be back to hitting balls by Friday.  Good news.  A Masters without Tiger isn't good for the game. 

I was a little surprised by something, though.  He was with his kids (and the requisite burly-looking bodyguard), and I was impressed with how... normal he actually seemed.  How human.  For some reason, contrary to what he's said to the media, I had it in my head that he couldn't care less about family and all he ever worried about was golf.  But somewhere between almost being run over by Sam (his daughter was running around the mall excitedly) and seeing him hold Charlie's hand while guiding him on to the escalator, my opinion was altered. 

I guess the fact that we see these guys on TV all the time alters our perception.  Not only are they much bigger (Ernie Els) or smaller (Camilo Villegas) than they look on TV, they make you realize that they are people, too.  Jim Furyk buys his own groceries, just like me.  He's also mega-tall...

But they aren't 'regular' people.  Or 'normal' people.  They are the best in the world at what they do, after all...

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