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Posted by Jason on Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Finding the Secret in the Dirt

Ben Hogan said "The secret is in the dirt."

Today, under the tutelage of Bill Davis, I have officially begun my formal quest to find the secret. My goals are to place in the money in my Illinois PGA section events next year and to qualify for the Illinois Open. I will keep updating my practice sessions here for purposes of tracking my progress in FL this winter.

Lesson 1, 11/29 8:45 - 9:30 with Bill, 9:45 - 11, lunch, 11:45 - 12:30

Focus of lesson: 1) Turning right hip away as i take the club back. This helps me swing the club in front of my body and also helps me shallow out my swing plane. 2) More consistent grip pressure achieved by pinching thumb and index finger on my right hand.

Started the day hitting 3/4 54 degree wedges like this. Flatter more consistent trajectory achieved. 3/4 54 degree flies 75-78 yards.

Proceeded to hit 8 irons, 6 irons, and drivers. Flatter ball flight was achieved.

Irons: Ball flight went slightly right to left or straight with my irons. Misses were thin but straight or solid but left.  Ball flight was lower than I'm used to.

Driver: Solid. Lower, straight to slight fade every time. 

Worked on bunker shots

58 degree with face open, weight 65 percent left, never shift weight to right. Start with club 2 inches behind ball ( I was starting to close to the ball and altering my point of entry.) Picked up the pace of my backswing and got better results.

P wedge with face open, weight 65 percent left, never shift weight to right. started with club 2 inches behind ball and hit roughly 25 - 30 yard shots.

Went Back to hitting 3/4 54 degree wedges. love the feeling of the club being in front of my body.

More 6 irons: started hitting really consistent gentle draws all flying 175 ish - misses thin still but straight.

Feel: Swing feels really good. Feels like my body is swinging the club. No hit with my hands. Wedges and driver felt the best. Misses were all manageable.

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