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Posted by Jason on Thursday, October 27, 2011

My Bold Predictions

More PGA tour players will be using a long putter than a conventional putter in 2012. this club will revolutionize the game in much the same way the sand wedge and the metal wood did.

Just like belly putters will revolutionize the game, so too will more comfortable street shoe golf shoes. One day, golfers will laugh that we ever had spikes on the bottom of our golf shoes.

While I think street shoes will eventually take over for spikes, I'm not convinced the athletic look is here to stay. Imagine FJ Classics with Ecco Street bottoms and a little more comfort. (see #4 to see why i don't think the athletic look will last forever)

Golf Clothing will - like all other fashion trends - return to a more old fashioned classic look. Think Bobby Jones and Walter Hagen sitting down to discuss their wardrobe line with Nike or Adidas. It will be a blast from the past with new age fabrics.

Speaking of blast from the past, Tiger Woods will unofficially start his 2012 campaign with a strong showing at the President's Cup in Australia. He will then go on to win not one but two major championships. They will be The Masters and the Open Championship. Phil Mickelson will win the other two majors and these two giants will be back atop the golfing world. 

An Olympic gold medal will always be the 6th most coveted trophy for the best players in the world. The events that will forever be more valuable are the four major championship and the Ryder Cup. Don't believe me? Ask a tennis player if they'd rather win the gold medal or if they'd rather win Wimbledon. Just Saying...

No one will ever win 4 majors in one season. It's just never going to happen. Some are talented enough, but no one is that lucky.

Rory Mcilroy will have a Greg Norman-esque career... Which is a damn good one. When all is said and done he'll have multiple majors and he'll be ranked 1st in the world rankings for a significant period of time. I just think that his melt down at Augusta is the first of many to come and for all the trophy's he will have on his mantle, it will be the empty space in his closet that will define his career when all is said and done.

Rickie Fowler will have a Phil Mickelson Type career. The people will love him before the major titles start adding up, but when all is said and done, Rickie will be one of the best this game has seen. Unlike Mcilroy, Rickie will will win a green jacket... no one is going to stop this guy from owning a piece of clothing that he wants, especially a colorful one.

Eventually, golfers will be able to enter in their club head speeds, spin rates, and launch angles for all of their clubs into a device that reads slopes and wind. the device will tell the golfer exactly what club and what shot to hit. think of it as a computerish caddy - its going to happen.

Golf, both public and private, will rebound when our economy does. I don't think golf is a dying sport or I wouldn't be writing predictions about the future of the game...

No Woman will ever play in the Masters, but one will play in the US Open, I just have no idea who it will be or when it will be.

The FedEx Cup format will eventually be replaced with a huge match play tournament (the field will consist of 512 players. four different courses will host regional brackets of 128 players. These regions will be assigned much like the NCAA tournament runs their basketball tournament. imagine three weeks worth of 18th hole drama and sudden death playoff holes it will be the best way to crown a 10 Million dollars playoff winner and fans will love it instantly. Oh, did I mention it will be much easier for fans to keep track of than the current format. I know that's easier said than done, but I'll let PGA Tour Commissioner, Tom Watson figure out the little details.


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